Background showing the palace of Phaistos
Topographical map of Messara on background
Section of Hall III, From Rome to Byzantium
Section of Hall I, Prehistoric Habitation

Archaeological Μuseum of Messara

Human presence in the Messara Plain from Prehistory to the Christian era.

The establishment of an Archaeological Museum entirely dedicated to the antiquities of Messara has been a constant demand of the residents and the excavators of the area for decades. The new Museum aims to highlight the unique character of this important region over time, from Prehistory to the Middle Ages, to highlight the impact of the particular geomorphology of the area on the emergence and development of civilization with the assistance of advanced technology, to talk about the past of this region to children and young people and to serve as an interconnection point for the numerous archaeological sites and monuments of the area.


Modern. Diachronic. Accessible.

Τhe decisive influence of Place on all kinds of manifestations of human activity in the course of Time.


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